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XBall NFT "Name of team"


Exclusive access to content and experiences

Discounted match tickets

We offer discounted match tickets for having your XBall NFT. Fans can see their team in person and experience the thrill of a live soccer match, for less than the cost of the XBall NFT.


Guided tours of the stadium

Guided stadium tours offer fans the opportunity to experience their team’s stadium firsthand. They can learn about the stadium’s history, see the locker rooms and playing field, and meet some of the team’s employees.


Discounts on merchandise

-Discounts on official team jerseys
-Discounts on balls
-Discounts on accessories: mugs, bracelets, scarves, hats, socks.


Half-time competitions


Face-to-face competition:

-The form is activated when they scan the QR of your NFT associated with you.
-Fans can be selected through a random draw.
-The competition can take place on the pitch.



XBall fans must be present at the stadium during half-time of the match to participate in the competition.

Skill contest:

-The contest consists of fans having to perform a trick with the football.
-The winner is the fan who performs the most impressive trick.

Trivia contest:

-The contest consists of fans answering questions about the team or about football.
-The winner is the fan who answers the most questions correctly.

Quiz contest:

-The contest consists of fans answering questions about the team or about football.
-The winner is the fan who answers the most questions correctly in the shortest amount of time.



The winner of the competition will receive an exclusive prize, such as a signed team jersey, tickets for a future match or a VIP experience.


Economic benefits

NFTs that are associated with goals tend to have a higher value than NFTs that are not associated with goals. This is because goals are rare and exciting events, which increase in value on the NFT market where you can sell or keep them.


Exclusive Early Bird List

The early waiting list for the new jerseys for the 2024-2025 season. Fans who sign up for the waiting list will receive an email with an exclusive discount code to buy the jerseys before all other fans. Including a discount code will be valid for a set period of time, and will only be available to fans who have signed up to the waiting list and have their NFT associated with a GOAL.


Meet and greet

A player meet and greet is a 10 minute free chat with a player, this is an event where fans have the opportunity to meet and greet their favourite players. The events will be organised by the football teams, and can take place at the stadium, in a shopping mall or at another location chosen by the team.


XBall Preferential Seats

Preferential seats are seats in a stadium that offer a better view of the game than general seating. They are usually located in the VIP section of the stadium and offer more comfortable seating, food and beverage service and other amenities.
(Includes parking)