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Felipe Ortega Alcantar (CEO XBall) 


Executive Overview 


Xball consists of a pool of 363 NFTs for fans associated with the football team. Each NFT will represent a space in the football goal during the current season’s tournament, therefore each participating team will have its own 363 NFT’s for sale and minting. The way it works is that when a player scores a goal, the balld touches a space in the goal net, that space is an NFT in which it will be transformed into something more valuable. The metadata of each NFT will be linked to a line tracing technology that tracks the trajectory of a ball through multiple computer-connected cameras placed on the field of play, the graphical map is composed of 24 cm x 24 cm areas of the surface of each side of the football goal, identified by Cartesian coordinates (x,y). Each goal that falls on that plot updates the NFT metadata in real time to highlight the match information, showing which NFT was activated for its value generation, with information on the minute the goal was scored, who scored it and in which championship.  In addition, the NFTs will offer incentives and discounts to holders, such as discounts on team merchandising, special stadium seating, and discounts on ticket purchases, among others. At the end of the tournament, NFTs will be deactivated, but will retain their validity history and accumulated benefits. NFTs associated with goals will have greater benefits, while those not linked to goals will have other benefit options defined by the team owners. The initiative aims to provide fans with a unique and exclusive experience and to strengthen the connection between fans and the football team. NFTs allow for special rewards and benefits to be offered based on specific moments during matches, which incentivises fan participation and loyalty. Blockchain technology will guarantee the authenticity and ownership of NFTs, ensuring a secure and transparent experience for holders.  

Chance to Win with a Goal: NFT holders have the opportunity to earn rewards when a goal is scored in any match, regardless of which team scores. This adds to the excitement of owning NFTs, as they are linked to events in the sport rather than specific teams. 


Purchase of Goal Areas: Fans can purchase specific areas in the goal net prior to the championship, allowing them to acquire NFTs at an average initial sale price. If NFT remain unsold prior to the championship, these NFT can increase in value over time. 


Event Access: NFTs can also be used as tickets to sporting events, providing holders with access to important matches or tournament finals, offering a unique and secure experience. 


Exclusive Item Purchase: NFTs allow fans to purchase exclusive items related to the team or player, such as autographed jerseys or autographed photographs. 


Discounts on Merchandising, Tickets and Apparel: NFT holders can benefit from discounts on tickets, official merchandise and team-related services, encouraging loyalty and participation. 


Participation in Decisions: NFT owners have the opportunity to participate in surveys and team-related decisions, such as jersey design, mascot name, etc. 


Player Interaction and Exclusive Content: NFT owners can receive exclusive content, such as personalised messages from players, behind-the-scenes videos, exclusive interviews, etc., which strengthens their emotional bond with the team. 


Priority on Future NFT Issues: Previous NFT holders can receive priority to acquire new tokens in future collections, increasing their potential value and rewarding loyalty. 

Xball seeks to revolutionise fan engagement by leveraging NFTs, real-time match data and blockchain technology to create a unique and interactive experience for football enthusiasts, ultimately strengthening the bond between fans and their favourite football teams.

Fans do much more than celebrate a football team’s achievements; they are the energy, passion, commitment and love that drives a group of eleven players on the pitch.


For Fans by Fans.


XBall NFT.