By fans for fans

What does it consist of?

Xball consists of a pool of 363 NFTs for fans associated with the football team. Each NFT will represent a space in the football goal during the current season's tournament, therefore each participating team will have its own 363 NFT's for sale and minting.

The way it works is as follows

All boxes in the goal are active as base NFTs, when a player scores a goal, the ball touches a space in the goal, that space is an NFT where it will be transformed into something rarer as it will belong to a historical moment.


The metadata for each NFT will be linked to a line-plotting technology that tracks the trajectory of a ball through multiple cameras connected to a computer and placed on the field of play; the graphical map is composed of 24 cm x 24 cm areas of the surface of each side of the football goal, identified by Cartesian coordinates (X,Y).